The London City Lofts is more than just a name, it’s a joint effort of dedicated team of experienced craftsman who work hard to transform your idea into living space. Our craftsman work closely with an architects, designers and structural engineers to deliver the best possible result. At London City lofts we believe that experience and hard work are essential ingredients for any successful project. We have completed hundreds of Loft conversion in North London and are very proud to be recognised as one of the leading Enfield and Barnet Loft conversion companies.

Every project is unique. The type of loft conversion, most suitable design which meets customer’s requirements, materials to be used and interior features such as built-in wardrobe, if required. All these aspects need to be taking into consideration. At London City Lofts we work hard to ensure that every phase of the project is carried out by professional and well-trained team supported by project manager to ensure the accuracy and precision of each and every given task.