Are you looking to turn your empty unused attic space into a lovely, modern and cosy living space, bedroom, study room, office space, storage area, craft or hobby space. Here is great news for you.  Turn that space into any room for any purpose you can imagine with loft conversion. It does not matter how big or small your place is, as that’s never an issue. In fact, attic/loft conversion adds and not takes away space!

Loft Conversion with The London City Lofts Company

We can turn your empty attic into a beautiful, convenient and functional space or additional room by recreating and restyling it so that it adapts to the existing floor area whilst at the same time increasing your home’s overall living space and value.

You can create a loft bedroom, office or a multipurpose storage room. The choice is yours! And because a loft’s shell is what is developed, you can choose a contemporary, classic or a mix of both for a cosy and inviting design you desire with our guidance.

Whatever attic design you envisage, we work to turn it into reality because we guide you from the initial inquiry to the completion of the project, all because of our professionalism, expertise and ideas are put into practice

If you are looking for a modern or contemporary design, our extensive planning and development experience is right there for you; in fact, we can recommend you some of the best ideas for loft conversions including glass block walls, glass bathroom doors, built in cupboards, terrace windows and centralized lighting control, among others.  If you’re looking for something different, contact us now at +44 (0)208 0048 608.

Our team guides customers on the cost and feasibility of designs as well as options and works on the initial project survey, designs, ideas and approvals. With us at your side, you can make sure you achieve a cost effective solution and your home remains safe and secure but obviously becomes more spacious.

How we work on loft conversions:

  1. Free consultation and estimate of the project details, including loft size, full budget costings and your ideal commencement and completion dates
  2. Site survey and visit for your specifications/requirements
  3. Assessment of your home’s adaptability and safety for the conversion including structural and access assessments
  4. Written price quotation with detailed specification
  5. Drawing and designing of your ideal attic conversion design and layout, all in compliance with current building rules and regulations
  6. Plan submission for approval for planning if planning is required. Some projects can be carried out under Permitted Development.
  7. Plan submission for Building Regulations
  8. Project commencement, including windows, stairs, floors, heating, plumbing and insulation, among others

Simply, The London City Lofts Company ensures that every project undertaken is carried out quickly and efficiently and professionally executed.

Before we start working on any loft project construction and management, we consult you for any adjustments you wish to apply, including usage ideas and plans so that you can make the most of your newly converted attic space for,

  • Playroom
  • Storage area
  • Bedroom
  • Extra guest room
  • Study room
  • Library
  • Office
  • Others upon your request

Presenting a permanent solution for your home’s growing needs, The London City Lofts Company is your one-stop loft design and conversion solution for a worthwhile investment for making the most of your spending, improving your home appeal and value and turning a dull empty area into a livable contemporary space.  Our team guarantees our services, including soundproofing, installing a luxury master bedroom, adding electronic window blinds, double-glazing skylights or creating a 100 percent relaxing and quiet room for you.

For more information and a free consultation about your loft design, call us at +44 (0)208 0048 608