The London City Lofts provides a complete solution for homeowners. Our team member will assess suitability of your property for loft conversion and report it back to you. We will also advise you on most suitable design, which allows you to maximise your living space and at the same time to make your new bedroom feel warm and spacious.

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Frequently asked questions:

Do I need to get planning permission for loft conversion?

Permitted Development

In most cases a loft conversion falls under the ‘Permitted Development’ category so the London City Lofts should be able to curry out you loft conversion under permitted development, which does not require planning permission.

Planning Permission

The planning permission will need to be secured from your local authority if you do loft conversion to flats and properties in conservation areas. The planning permission will be also required if loft conversion exceeds permitted development requirements, which are 40 cubic meters for a loft on a terraced road and 50 cubic meters on a semi-detached or detached property will usually have to go through planning permission. Please note: Loft conversions need Buildings Regulation approval, regardless of whether planning permission is required or not.

Certificate of Lawful Use

The lawful development certificate is not a compulsory requirement, but rather reassurance that your loft conversion was carried out under Permitted Development allowance. Should you decide to sell your property in the future buyer may ask you to produce one.